Ever since its origin in 1997, Finca Tatin has honored its surrounding jungle and has coexisted in harmony with the small river that loaned its name.

Finca Tatin is located right on a wetland, which means that it sits on water for 6 months out of the year, a little detail which restrains greatly any building attempts.

Nevertheless, Carlos Simonini, its creator and architect, - via exhaustive studies, hundreds of trials & errors, crazy and innovative thinking, together with tons of hard labor and some buckets of perspiration, - has achieved it!

Thus bellow, our readers can have the viewing pleasure, - via several photos - as we list and detail some of the many solutions used in the edification, always with low impact and respecting the woods, of a really enjoyable and livable space.

  • Any successful building will translate as "tree cutting", thus we've replanted many trees with the intention of minimizing deforestation and negative impacts in the wetland environment.

    Likewise, a few years ago Finca implemented a donation program, available to all our guests and visitors alike, so we could purchase lots of baby trees like cedar, mahogany, "rosul", teak, "palo de hormigo", amongst other local trees.

  • As foundations for the cabins and other constructions we've used hundreds of old tires that we got at the local dumpster

  • To make the cement mix used on the walking paths around the Finca, we've added all those bits and bobs that can't be used for anything else, from beer bottles, broken glass and porcelain to old and rusty metals. Even single use batteries recieve the same treatment. Everything goes in the mixer! Vrrrrroommmm!

  • All the waste must be carefully separated. We have bins in every bungalow so our guests don't throw toilet paper into the toilet bowls. Likewise, in the kitchen we have a bin for organic waste (to be buried as compost), another bin for paper and cardboard (to be used in the sweat lodge's fire) and a bin for carrier bags and plastic containers (which unfortunately has to be burned as we can't recycle it in any other way - believe us, we have tried other solutions). Lastly, we have a recycling box for cans.

  • Helping to put a stop on the worrying use of PET plastic, we have a purified drinking water refilling program so our guests can re-use their water bottle for a symbolic price.

  • In addition, rain water is collected in a hermetically sealed water tank with capacity for 8 thousand liters. This water goes through a series of filters until it reaches the kitchen as potable and purified water.

  • Several septic tanks are scattered around the property and each two bungalow share one tank. No tank contents ends directly in the river waters.

  • Due to our remoteness, we have no city electricity at all, instead we count with a LISTER 75W generator that consumes a 1.5 galon of diesel per day. As a pending project, we're looking into replacing diesel with recycled oil collected from the restaurants in the nearest village, Livingston.

  • Several solar panels have been installed throughout the communal areas, dinning area and kitchen. As part of a succesful project, we've also equipped a bungalow with a solar system, meaning that the cabin has a light and a fan all 24 hours. Now, the idea is to expand it to all the remaining cabins and areas. All we need is a lottery jackpot...

If you want to contribute with ideas or tips on how to improve our way of live, do drop us a line. We appreciate any comments or suggestions.

We appreciate you taking interest and with affection and pride we give you our utmost warm welcome to the Finca Tatin.